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Inspire A Youth is a  Licensed, RCL 11,  24 hour  7days a week 18 bed facility that serves at risk adolescent females 13 through 18 years of age.  Our program accepts and provides services for Dependent (WIC 300); Wards/Delinquents (WIC 602); Children with Developmental Disabilities (Regional Center Clients); special Education Pupils and Status Offenders (WIC 601), LGBTQ Community and  Commercial Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC). 

About Inspire A Youth - Sojourners Haven

Residents of Inspire A Youth are provided with services in the areas of Tutoring, Special Education Classes, Vocational Training, Emancipation/Independent Living, Therapeutic/Medical needs or conditions, Services to families, Sibling placements and Chronic runaways. Services provided through Inspire A Youth are a blend of both formal and informal resources.  Services that are provided are culturally sensitive, strength based, individualized and needs driven.

Our program is designed to provide emergency shelter and therapeutic treatment services in the areas of substance abuse, neglect, delinquency, developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities, specialized education, trafficking, etc. The average length of placement at Sojourners Haven is six months, but is solely contingent on the client’s individual needs and progress.

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