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Programs & Services

Residents of Inspire A Youth are provided with services in the areas of Tutoring, Special Education Classes, Vocational Training,  Emancipation/Independent Living, Therapeutic/Medical needs or conditions, Services to families, Sibling placements and Chronic runaways. Services provided through Inspire A Youth are a blend of both formal and informal resources.  Services that are provided are culturally sensitive, strength based, individualized and needs driven. 

A small glimpse into our program & services includes the following:
Therapeutic & Medical

Our Therapists are dedicated and are experts in their field.  Clients’ individual needs are assessed and identified to ensure that their mental health needs are met.  Upon admission, each client will undergo an initial health evaluation, which will be used to develop the client’s treatment. We provide 24/7 access to Mental Health Services.  Our services include:

  • Psychologists

  • LCSW's

  • Mental Health therapist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Drug and Alcohol

  • Parent partners & Behavioral coaches

Vocational Training

As a component of our Independent Living Program, our focus at Inspire a Youth, Sojourners Haven is to  prepare clients with the skills necessary to gain employment once they emancipate from our program.   Vocational training focuses on hands on training which we believe can be beneficial to our clients. Our staff is committed to assisting interested clients in identifying and enrolling in Vocational training of their choice. Our belief is that clients who are trained and acquire skills through Vocational training will become more marketable in the world of employment.    


Inspire A Youth, Sojourners Haven Group Home’s staff strongly supports tutoring.  We understand that each student learns differently and at a different pace. We believe that tutoring provides an environment for students to ask questions, gain clarification and receive additionally instruction, as needed. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are guided academically in the right direction. 

Our program provides academic tutoring to our clients in:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • History

Services to Family

Our Clinical staff provides family therapy when reunification is an option.  Our program also offers Child and Family Team meetings and other services that help to create balance in families.  These meetings are offered in both formal and informal support settings. We believe in and support the strength based concept.  When families are provided with a dedicated support system, it is our belief that they acquire the strength to overcome obstacles.  

Emancipation & Independent Living

Inspire A Youth, Sojourners Haven offers an Independent Living Program designed to assist clients in transitioning from teen to adulthood.  The program provides clients between ages 15 through 18 with life skills.  These life skills are designed to prepare clients for emancipation and to assists them in living a healthy and productive life.  These life skills are also designed to assist emancipated clients in becoming independent and self-sufficient young adults.  The program goal is to assist emancipated clients in:

  • Obtaining employment

  • Budgeting and managing finances

  • Functioning as productive citizens

  • Achieving educational goals

  • Learning basic life skills

Chronic Run-a-ways

Inspire A Youth, Sojourners Haven’s staff are dedicated in exploring, identifying and developing strategies to minimize run-a-ways situations.   Our program provides a safe and warm environment with a home away from home atmosphere.  Staff provides sound instruction, appropriate intervention, shadowing and positive supervision.  Staff has an open-door policy where clients can discuss openly concerns. Clients are also provided with weekly individual and group therapy where they can discuss and address underlying issues.  

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